Obama Saturday: Round of Golf at Andrews, NCAA Basketball Game at the Verizon Center

President Obama took advantage of mild Washington weather on Saturday by heading out to the golf course, his first visit to the links since across-the-board sequester cuts took effect on March 1.

On the day before Easter, Obama trekked over to Andrews Air Force Base for a round with Marty Nesbitt, Michael Brush and Marvin Nicholson on an afternoon with temperatures nearing a spring-like 60 degrees, according to a White House pool report.

Nesbitt is a Chicago businessman and one of Obama's best friends.

The president’s regular golf outings became a target for congressional Republicans who urged him to drop his trips as lawmakers and departments sought to cut back on spending amid the $85 billion in automatic cuts. The calls intensified after the White House decided to cancel its tours, citing the sequester.

Obama's motorcade took him directly from a golf course at Andrews Air Force Base in suburban Maryland to Washington's Verizon Center to watch Syracuse and Marquette play for a berth in the Final Four of the NCAA basketball tournament. At 4.35pm, with less than 11 minutes remaining in the first half of the East Regional final, Obama appeared on the Jumbotron suspended above the Verizon Center court

Obama Attends Syracuse vs. Marquette Elite Eight Game In NCAA Tournament

There was a report that Obama was booed but it's from Breitbart, who doesn't have any video. Fox News reported 'cheered'