Krauthammer: With This Administration, I Don't Buy Anything They Are Telling Me

A $250M cut in border patrol because of sequestration? Charles hits the administration calling this another political stunt (like suspending White House tours). Fred Barnes calls it a "stunt" here also
KRAUTHAMMER: But now we're doubling, we're increasing that time, and that is going to make a difference. Look, the problem is it's not as if it's going to reduce the numbers, the issue is why was this required in the first place? It's purely a matter of partisanship. You call me skeptical, that's inadequate. I'm cynical. I'm so cynical that I make Diogenes look credulous. With this administration, I don't buy anything they're telling me. When they reopen the White House so little Iowa tots can go on their visit, I'll begin believing in them again.

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