Judge Napolitano: ‘Michael Bloomberg Is a Dictator Who Calls Himself the Mayor’

"The other big picture is this limitation on what we can put in our bodies in New York City did not come about after a great debate and a popular movement behind it. This was ordered by a dictator who calls himself the mayor and for that reason, the court invalidated it” -Judge Andrew Napolitano on Fox Business

Stuart Varney said  on FBN’s Varney & Co. that he agrees with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s controversial proposal to ban large, sugary drinks. He argued that with ObamaCare going into effect, all taxpayers will be on the hook for the treatment of uninsured Americans suffering obesity-related health problems

Judge Andrew Napolitano discussed Stuart Varney’s statements this morning with Charles Payne, joking that he “feels sorry” for Stuart that the “socialists at the London School of Economics” impressed upon him this “love for the nanny state.”