Joel Osteen on CNN: Marriage Is Between a Man and a Woman [Video]

Joel doesn't believe in same-sex marriage but his position is not nearly as strong and absolute as Franklin Graham who was asked the very same question last night on CNN's Piers Morgan program. Joel tells Tapper that 'it's a fine line'....we're for everybody...we have to be compassionate about it all' after his answer on where he stands on gay marriage

TAPPER: The Supreme Court took up arguments about same-sex marriage and same-sex couples. "Where do you draw the line?"

JOEL OSTEEN: "It's a fine line. We're for everybody. But, of course, as a Christian pastor, you know, my base is off what I believe the scripture says. Marriage is between a male and a female"

..."I think we have to be, you know, compassionate about it all. We're not against everybody, and there are certainly people that love each other...But when I come back to the scripture, I don't see same-sex in the scripture"

Here's Joel on CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper