Michigan Dems Launch Anti-Right to Work Website

(WXYZ) - The battle to undo the controversial right to work legislation continues. Democrats are now taking to the trenches, going online and trying a grassroots campaign to fight the law.

State Senator Hoon-Yung Hopgood from Taylor helped launch website repealrtw.com. It includes a petition, links to lawmakers and a countdown clock to when the law actually takes effect at the end of March.

But whether union protesters or Senator Hopgood have any real shot at defeating Right To Work is a big question. Republicans have a tight grip on power in Lansing.

Governor Snyder maintains right to work is the right path for Michigan, arguing workers should have a choice in paying union dues. But opponents say it’s unfair because workers who don’t pay dues still get all the benefits of union membership.

The state GOP released this statement Saturday night in response to the website: "Michigan workers and families support freedom in the workplace. This is just the latest attempt by Democrats doing the bidding for the union bosses who run their party to try and undermine Michigan's comeback and take away the rights of workers."