$50M Worth of Diamonds Stolen in 'Under Five Minutes'

In a brazen heist right out of the movies, thieves drove onto Belgium's airport tarmac and stole more than $50 million of diamonds from a plane without firing a single shot.

It took them fewer than five minutes to cut through an airport fence Monday night, drive up to a Helvetic jet in cars with flashing lights, hold up the pilot and security officials on the plane, and take 120 packages of rough and cut stones, according to the Belgium prosecutor's office. The men carried submachine guns and were dressed in police uniforms.

"They forced open the fence between two construction sites. They made a hole, they went on the tarmac and they escaped through the same hole in the fence," the prosecutor's spokeswoman Ine Vanwymersch told reporters in Belgium.(ABC News)

Wearing police uniforms, carrying machine guns-