WATCH- Piers: Do You Believe That Nobody at the White House Knew About the Petraeus Affair? Mukasey: "Want a One Word Answer? No"

The WH knew. Mukasey saying what everybody knows to be true.
Former AG Michael Mukasey offered his insight into the traditional chain of command within Washington

"I think there was a protocol in place, about who could talk to the White House, the Attorney General was definitely one of the two people who could under any circumstance, and the deputy Attorney General was another," said the man who himself served as Attorney General under George W. Bush.

"You don't have to wait until an investigation is over and concluded before it has implications for national security as this one did. To have a C.I.A. director under investigation, and knowing about it, is something that I think in and of itself, would have made it necessary to notify the White House, i.e. the President