McCain: We Need Someone of 'Enormous Prestige and Influence' To Broker a Mideast Peace Deal, Like Bill Clinton

I'm not sure why he always names a Democrat when something like this comes up. In 2008, during the financial crisis McCain said Andrew Cuomo (Democrat) would be a good replacement for Christopher Cox over at the Securities and Exchange Commission. Today, Slick Willie is his choice lead negotiations for a peace deal

(CBS News) As aerial fighting continues between Israel and Hamas-led Gaza, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., sharply criticized President Obama's handling of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and called for a "high-ranking" American to lead negotiations.

"I would find someone even as high-ranking, frankly, as former president Bill Clinton to go and be the negotiator," McCain said on "Face the Nation" Sunday. "[W]e need a person of enormous prestige and influence to have these parties sit down together as an honest broker."

McCain offered his suggestion as he harshly criticized President Obama for failing to advance talks between Israel and the Palestinians during his first term. He said the president has mishandled the negotiations by laying "preconditions" on the table, including that Israel halt settlement building.

"[W]e have a lot of work to do to regain some credibility because we're crumbling all over the Middle East," McCain said. "I'm not sure how much influence that this administration has."