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Krauthammer on Susan Rice: I Think Her Nomination is In Deep Trouble, The President, If He's Smart is Not Gonna Nominate Her. If He Does The Benghazi Issue Will Rise Again

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Kelly Ayotte: Rice 'Certainly Misled The American Public'

Norquist to Congressman Peter King: “I Hope His Wife Understands That Commitments Last a Little Longer Than Two years”

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Mexican Beauty Queen Killed in Shootout

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Online Shopping on Cyber Monday Has Tripled in the Last 7 Years

Carney: Social Security Not on the Table for the Fiscal Cliff Deal

Family-Owned Grocery Store Builds a Motorized 12-foot-Long, 9-foot-Tall Shopping Cart

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Officer Outburst Caught On Video Now Being Investigated

Penn State Coach Calls His Team 'A Bunch of F**kers' After Overtime Win

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State Fire Marshal Says Utility Worker Punctured Gas Pipe, Which Led to Explosion in Springfield, Mass

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Mother Gives Birth to Healthy Baby Boy After Doctors Said He Had No Heartbeat

Mitt and Ann Romney at Disneyland

Protesters of Islamist President Morsi Fill Tahrir Square in Egypt

Ambassador Susan Rice Responds to Critics: 'I Relied Solely and Squarely on the Information Provided to Me By the Intelligence Community'

Police: Woman Said She Didn't Want Her 6-Year-Old Daughter, Abandoned Her At Sam's Club (Video)

Leno: 'Petraeus's Mistress Had More Information About Benghazi Than Susan Rice'

MSNBC's Richard Wolffe: Racism Motivating Conservative Attacks Against Susan Rice, Eric Holder

Jeb Bush Jr: I Hope My Dad Runs For President

Unmanned Car

Cool Video: Packers QB Aaron Rodgers Surprises Maggie, a Childhood Cancer Survivor

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92-Year-Old Lady Hits Hole-in-One

Israeli Missiles Hit Gaza Media Center for 2nd Time, Islamic Jihad Leader Killed

McCain: We Need Someone of 'Enormous Prestige and Influence' To Broker a Mideast Peace Deal, Like Bill Clinton

Video: Dubai Skyscraper Goes Up In Flames

'Obamamania in Myanmar'

Gingrich: Obama 'Never Wants To Tell The Truth About Islamic Radicalism'

Piers: Are You Preparing For a Ground Invasion? Israeli Ambassador: "We're Certainly Keeping That Option Open"

Great Question- Hannity To Former Obama Adviser Austan Goolsbee: ‘Can You Write Down a Date When You Guys Are Going to Stop Blaming Bush?’

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Vandals Desecrate Canadian War Memorial on Veterans’ Day

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