Letterman: Bush-Cheney Didn’t Want to Get bin Laden Because They Didn’t Want to Upset ‘Their Saudi Arabian Royalty Buddies'

Letterman talks to NBC News Brian Williams on the Late Show

In a particularly sleazy allegation, David Letterman on Tuesday night alleged former President George W. Bush and former Vice President Dick Cheney “went soft” on finding Osama bin Laden “because they were worried about upsetting their Saudi Arabian royalty buddies.” Talk about a lack of civility and respect for elected officials.

Letterman’s impugning of the former administration came during a sit-down with NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams, just after Letterman charged “we invaded Iraq because Cheney wanted to help out his buddies at Brown and Root and Halliburton.”

He then moved on to his allegation about protecting the Saudi Arabian royalty before hailing the “great courage and great intelligence” displayed by President Obama: “So now Osama bin Laden finally is gunned down by Barack Obama, displaying great courage and great intelligence. What more do you want to lead your country than that kind of courage and that kind of intelligence