Arlen Specter Tells Utah Residents to Vote for Orrin Hatch, Calls Repubican Primary Voters ‘Cannibals’

"Senator Dick Lugar was cannibalized. Cannibals are devouring senators" ....We need to make sure "Orrin Hatch is not cannibalized." Here's Arlen Specter on MSDNC

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Arlen Specter, the former Pennsylvania moderate most recently used as a cudgel against Rick Santorum in the GOP presidential primary, made the case for Sen. Orrin Hatch in his primary challenge from Dan Liljenquist yesterday on MSNBC’s “Melissa Harris-Perry” show.  
He suggests Dick Lugar was “cannibalized” and adds, “The cannibals are devouring senators.” And after host Melissa Harris-Perry asked if it happens on both sides, and brushed off Specter’s answer that he has seen some of it on the left, the two concluded that it’s really Republicans who are controlling the party with extremists. Even Politico concludes: “In this climate, getting identified as someone facing the wrath of ‘cannibals’ may not be a boon to an incumbent.” The title MSNBC gave the video might say it all: “Moderate lawmakers removed by party extremes.”