Romney and Rubio To Campaign Together For First Time Next Week

In Pennsylvania Monday

ABC News
Florida Sen. Marco Rubio will campaign with Mitt Romney on Monday for the first time this election, ABC News has learned. Romney and Rubio will hold an event in Delaware County, Pennsylvania on Monday, outside Philadelphia
Rubio endorsed Romney in late March during an appearance on Fox News. “It’s increasingly clear that Mitt Romney’s going to be the Republican nominee,” Rubio said. “We’ve got to come together behind who I think has earned this nomination and that’s Mitt Romney.” Rubio, who often appears high on lists of potential vice presidential candidates, said Thursday that he would turn down the offer if Romney asked him to be on the GOP ticket this fall

Despite speculation that it could be Jeb Bush who ends up as running mate on Mitt Romney’s GOP ticket, the former two-term Florida governor said Romney should pick Marco Rubio.  
Bush said his fellow Floridian is “probably the best” candidate for vice president. “Well, I can’t speak for Gov. Romney, and I can’t speak for Sen. Rubio, but if I was on both sides of that conversation I would ask — and I would hope that Marco would accept,” Bush said in an interview with Newsmax. ”There’s a lot of things in between that may not make that happen, but I am a great admirer of Mitt Romney’s and I’m a huge fan of Marco Rubio’s, and I think the combination would be extraordinary.”

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