A New Record Low: Number of Americans Who Say They Have Enough Money To Live Comfortably Down To 60%

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PRINCETON, NJ -- Americans' financial comfort is the lowest Gallup has measured to date, with 60% saying they currently have enough money to live comfortably and 39% saying they do not. Americans' peace of mind with their finances was fairly stable at a high level from the first asking of the question in 2002 through 2007, but has since faltered

These results are from Gallup's annual Economy and Personal Finance poll, conducted each April. The 2012 survey was conducted April 9-12.
Americans' sense of their personal financial comfort is directly related to how much college education they have, with the major divide evident between those with a college degree and those with lower levels of formal education
College graduates' financial comfort has declined relatively little over the past decade, from 86% in 2002 to 80% today. That compares with a 20-percentage-point decline among those who are not college graduates, from 71% to 51%, over the same time period