Harvard Law Offering "Understanding Obama" Course Taught by Obama Mentor


The halls of academia are often targeted by conservatives for being political “indoctrination” centers, but Harvard Law may be taking it to another level. How? The prestigious school is now reportedly offering a for-credit “Understanding Obama” course.

According to the Harvard course catalog, “Understanding Obama” is taught by the president’s longtime mentor Charles Ogletree. Here’s how the course is described:
This reading group will focus on the way in which race, religion, and politics have impacted the development of President Obama as a leader. We will explore his views as a biracial child, his time as a student at Harvard Law School, the successes and failures of his political campaigns, and the way religion and his views on faith nearly derailed his campaign. Finally, time will be spent analyzing the challenges he faces as President of the United States in establishing both his domestic and global policies
From the course catalog: