Where Was the Outrage? And Why Didn't President Obama Call?

Flashback October 8, 2010 Headline ABC News

Audio: Meg Whitman called "whore" by staffer for Jerry Brown, California's then Democratic candidate for governor, Brown was in the room and on tape prior to the staffer's comments. Does anybody remember any outrage on the left? I do not. Did "The View" invite her on to talk about how hurtful that term is to women? They did not. Did President Obama call Whitman? He did not.
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Flashback 2:

And there's this man. Former Rep. Alan Grayson. He called Bernanke lobbyist Linda Robertson a "K-Street whore" during a radio interview when he was a congressman. Does anybody remember any outrage from his friend Debbie Wasserman Schultz? Any outrage from Pelosi? Did Obama call the woman? No, no, no.

Here's the audio of Grayson in a radio interview with Alex Jones, attacking Linda Robertson, a lobbyist for Ben Bernanke as a 'K-street whore'