Trump Robo-Call: "I'm Tired of Rick Santorum Pretending He's Some Kind of DC Outsider"

I don't know what sense it makes to have Trump doing Robo-calls for Romney, who appears to be closing in on Santorum in the latest polling in Michigan.

Mitt Romney is getting his money's worth out of Donald Trump's endorsement.

Beginning today, Michiganders will be hearing from "The Donald" in the form of a Robo-call on Mitt Romney's behalf.

On the call, which was previewed to NBC News this morning, Trump slams Rick Santorum as someone who "doesn't know about creating jobs," and is "completely entrenched in the Washington culture."

"I'm tired of Rick Santorum pretending he's some kind of DC outsider," Trump says at the start of the recording. Trump spokesman Michael Cohen says the call will go out statewide, beginning today, and will go on for several days.

Trump has been active on Romney's behalf over the last week -- taking part in a New York City fundraising effort and doing radio interviews in Michigan and Ohio in which he has praised the former Massachusetts governor and attacked his rivals
, but not ruled out his own third party run should Romney fail to win the nomination.

Santorum and Romney are locked in a close battle for Michigan, Romney's home state.

As First Thoughts noted this morning, Michigan primary voters are being bombarded with robo-calls from both campaigns ahead of Tuesday's contest.

"He will win," Trump says of Romney on the call. "You've got to give him a chance."