David Brooks on Super Committee Gridlock: We're Gonna Be Greece Within 10 Years (Video)

Host Judy Woodruff responds "are you serious?" Brooks says 'yes'
DAVID BROOKS:"But the two sides are just too far apart. And, as Mark says, there is no center. And so, you know, they hope the election will solve it. That is what everybody is saying on the Hill. I'm a little dubious the election -- why should this election solve it, when all the other elections haven't solved it."

So the short answer is, welcome, Greece. We're going to be Greece.

JUDY WOODRUFF: "So -- are you serious?"

DAVID BROOKS: "Of course, yes. No, I firmly believe that. I think, in 10 years -- I don't know when it will happen, but I'm very pessimistic that we will actually have the sort of deal we need. And at some point, what is happening in the Europe will happen here."