Fox News Megyn Kelly Responds to Joy Behar’s Interview With VP Biden on “Boo-ing” in Debate After Gay Soldier's Question

Megyn Kelly: "Well, having actually been at the debate, I can tell you there were a total of two boos in an auditorium of over 5,000 people"

On Tuesday’s episode of the talk show “The View,” co-host Joy Behar asked guest Vice President Joe Biden about “booing” that went on during the Fox News/Google Debate when a gay soldier asked a question on gay rights. Behar said she was aghast at how none of the Fox News Channel panelists chastised the audience over the response; Biden agreed, calling the audience reaction reprehensible.

Megyn Kelly, one of the panelists during the debate, took a moment on today’s America Live to respond, saying there were a total of two “boos” in an auditorium of over 5,000 people. She also contended that the noise was heard only after the soldier completed asking his question, not after he revealed his homosexuality.