Zogby: Perry's Entry Into The Race Would Put Him On Top

This again shows how polling is literally all over the place. Some polls you have Romney leading, some Bachmann, this one has Rick Perry in front with Chris Christie second and Romney only pulling 9%. New today from Zogby

UTICA, NY - Michele Bachmann continues to lead the field of announced Presidential candidates among Republican primary voters, but Rick Perry would be the top choice if he entered the race.

Mitt Romney trails both Bachmann and Herman Cain among announced candidates and falls even further back when Perry and Chris Christie are included. However, he continues to be seen by GOP voters as most likely to be the nominee.

These results are from an IBOPE Zogby interactive poll conducted from July 22-25

Gingrich on top of the never vote.
*Which of the following candidates would you never vote for?