US Airways Accused of Flying Unsafe Planes

When a pilot with 30 years of experience refused to fly a plane she considered unsafe, the airline (US Airways) escorted her off. Pilots at US Air are alleging they've been forced to fly unsafe planes. If you fly, take 2 minutes and watch this video report from abc15

PHOENIX - Pilots at US Airways are alleging they're been forced to fly unsafe planes.

The pilots' union, the US Airline Pilots Association, went to great lengths to alert passengers of their concerns by taking out a full page ad in USA Today.

The US Airways pilots' union alleges a captain with 30 years experience refused to fly a plane she claims had electrical problems.

The union contends, in response, US Airways security escorted her out of the airport and threatened to arrest her crew

"It was the right decision," said Captain James Ray, spokesman for the US Airline Pilots Association. "The airplane was not safe to fly and yet we have a culture here that tried to reprimand her and tried to force her to fly the plane."

Ray alleges incidents like the one in Philadelphia have become commonplace at US Airways where management in Tempe routinely second guesses the safety judgement of its pilots.

"It seems at US Airways, while they say safety is their No. 1 concern, and I hope that it is, sometimes it appears economics and on-air performance supersedes that," Ray said