TSA Agent Not Only Tells Woman She Can't Videotape At Security Checkpoint But She Will Have To Delete What She's Recorded (Video)

Woman records her husband going through a TSA checkpoint and it isn't long before agents come up to her and tell her she's going to have to stop. Here's the video of the incident at the airport with the husband explaining what's going on
This latest incident took place in Baltimore, Maryland. The videotape was uploaded onto YouTube July 10.

It starts when a woman is videotaping the checkpoint process, waiting for her husband to walk through.

A TSA supervisor confronts her, telling her she is not allowed to videotape the checkpoint. She continues to videotape, asking him for a document that confirms it is not allowed.

He tells her he doesn’t have the time to show her, but will gladly call police and then have her removed from the airport.

"Is she taking video footage? Ma'am, stop right now please...I'm going to ask you to delete it"