Speaker Boehner: Reid Bill a Non-Starter in the House, It's DOA

"Squanders precious time"

speaker.gov 7/30/11

Today the House of Representatives will bring up – and defeat – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s debt limit legislation. This vote will demonstrate that the Reid bill cannot pass the House. This will also expose any Senate vote on the Reid bill as a pointless political exercise that squanders precious time as the specter of a job-crushing default looms.

The New York Times reports:

In an effort to send a message, House Republicans plan to allow a symbolic vote Saturday on Mr. Reid’s plan to show that it cannot clear the House.”

There are also fresh signs this morning that Sen. Reid’s bill won’t get very far in his own chamber: POLITICO notes that “Reid’s chances of getting to 60 votes Saturday night appear slim

The Budget Control Act passed by the House yesterday was pre-negotiated by House GOP leaders with the bipartisan leadership of the Senate. It is by no means a perfect bill, but it is a positive step forward, built to specifications discussed with the bipartisan leadership of the Senate last weekend in a good faith effort to find a solution to the current crisis. Senate Democrats then walked away from it.

As Speaker Boehner wrote in his op-ed on National Review Online, the House bill is the quickest path to end this crisis:

Time is now of the essence. The quickest way for Congress to eliminate the possibility of default and ease the growing turmoil in our economy is for the Senate to take up the House-passed bill and send it to the president today. As Senate Democrats themselves noted today, a House bill that has been sent to the Senate and then tabled is ‘still pending’ — meaning it can be taken up and passed at any time.

“For the sake of our country, and the sake of our economy, the House has passed a responsible bill that can pass the Senate. Now it’s time for our colleagues in the Senate to pass it, send it to the president, and bring this crisis to an end.”

One Senate vote is all that stands between the American people and getting a responsible end to this crisis to President Obama’s desk. Today’s House vote will remind the Senate of the need to act in short order with a job-crushing default looming.