Majority Leader Harry Reid Halts Senate Debate of His Debt Ceiling Plan and Announces A Vote Will Be At 1 P.M. Sunday

NBC News
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced Saturday night that he was delaying a vote on his deficit-cutting bill until 1 p.m. Sunday in order to give negotiators more time to reach an accord on raising the debt limit.

“There are many elements to be finalized and there is still a distance to go before any arrangement can be completed, but I believe we should give everyone as much room as possible to do their work,” Reid said on the Senate floor.

Reid said that he'd spoken to White House officials several times Saturday night and that they agreed that a delay was necessary “to give them more time to talk” — seeming to imply that the bargaining at this point was between Republicans and President Barack Obama.

“I’m glad to see this move toward cooperation and compromise. I hope it bears fruit,” Reid said.

As of Saturday evening, Reid apparently lacked the 60 votes he needs, under Senate rules, to end debate on his bill and proceed to a final vote.