Herman Cain wins Western Conservative Summit Straw Poll; Rick Perry Second

"My message is resonating with the people"-Cain

Presidential candidate Herman Cain won the straw poll at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver this weekend with 48 percent of the votes, followed by Texas Governor Rick Perry.

“How about spectacular,” Cain said to ABC News when asked how he felt about winning. “I would say that winning the straw poll is not bad for somebody who has a 48 percent name ID and with a lot of people who didn’t really give me a chance. I am doing as well as I’m doing for one simple reason.

My message is resonating with the people. Secondly, my approach to problem solving, so I guess there’s two reasons, is resonating with the people, so that does make us feel really really excited.”

Cain gave a rousing speech at the summit Sunday morning, energizing the crowd with his message about American independent energy, immigration, and fighting the establishment. Many people turned in their straw poll ballot before Cain’s speech and tried to switch their votes after hearing him speak, though the conference did not allow it