"Go Away, I Want You To Go Away," Police Arrest Cameraman For Recording Police Chase (Video)

Where do you want me to go?” the man asks, the officer responds “I don’t care where you go, go away". Here's another one of those videos that show police arresting a person because they don't want him recording even though this guy is on a public sidewalk and is far away from the scene. This is in Suffolk County NY Friday evening. I'm thinking this one could go viral. Roll tape:

Suffolk County police arrested a cameraman for Stringer News Service in Bohemia on Friday night after he was told repeatedly by an officer to “go away” and stop recording the scene of a police chase.

Stringer—a company that chases news in Nassau and Suffolk counties and sells photos and videos to local news organizations—posted the video on YouTube Friday night after the incident.

The cameraman, Phil Datz, was standing on the sidewalk of Sycamore Avenue in Bohemia, video taping the end of a police chase, when a Fifth Precinct police officer told him to “just go away.”

“Where do you want me to go?” asked Datz.

“I don’t care where you go, go away,” said the officer, who later warned Datz that he would “get locked up” if he continued to argue with him