Debate Gets Heated Between Dem Pollster Pat Caddell and Radio Talker Hugh Hewitt on Fox News (Video)

Pat Caddell has been doing this quite a bit lately. This is from Hannity

A highly contentious debate on Thursday's "Hannity" wound up getting physical when Fox News analyst Pat Caddell actually pushed conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt in the arm.

The two were engaged in a lengthy shouting match about the debt ceiling drama in Washington. Caddell was trying to say that both Democrats and Republicans were "screwed up," and Hewitt was, at the same time, trying to say that only Democrats were the problem. Caddell grew more and more frustrated as Hewitt kept talking over him.

"Will you stop interrupting me, Hugh?" Caddell shouted. "No, I won't!" Hewitt shouted back.

Caddell then pushed Hewitt aggressively in the arm. It was far from a left hook to the face, but it certainly seemed to surprise Hewitt, and had the added effect of silencing him.

"You don't have the right to keep doing this crap," Caddell seethed. Sean Hannity had to calm everyone down before the segment could continue.(HuffPo)