Rod Blagojevich Found Guilty on 17 of 20 Counts

via wgn television:
1-10 count guilty
11th count no verdict
12-15 guilty
16th count no verdict

Patti Blagojevich collapses into brother's arms during following verdict (via WGN)
Rod Blagojevich showing no emotion (WGN)

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June 27, 2011 (CHICAGO) (WLS) -- Former governor Rod Blagojevich was found guilty on 17 of 20 counts in his second corruption trial. The jury found him not guilty on one count and was hung on two others

The foreman of the jury read the counts, one-by-one. Jurors were hung on counts 11 and 16; and Blagojevich was found not guilty on count 17.

Blagojevich, 54, faced 20 counts ranging from conspiracy to soliciting a bribe to wire fraud. Jurors were hung on two of those counts

Before the verdict was read, Blagojevich said, "It's in God's hands," as he left his Ravenswood Manor home. He then quoted an Elvis song, "All Shook Up," saying, "My hands are shaking, my knees are weak. I can't seem to stand on my own two feet."

Blagojevich, who was with his wife, Patti, greeted court watchers outside the Dirksen Federal Building with hugs and handshakes. Crowds gathered to hear the verdict, and a second overflow room was set up because so many people showed up Monday afternoon.