John Ziegler: $100,000 Says Sarah Palin Won't Be Elected President in 2012

Ziegler follow-up to 'The Sarah Palin I know' in the Daily Caller. He responds to criticism and challenges critics to take him up on a bet

ZIEGLER:...Palin is already known by everyone, has shown her very best to us conservatives, and without holding an office has no real way to augment her resume/narrative, especially since she is unwilling to do interviews with liberal media members. Meanwhile, the fact that the economy is clearly stalling makes it even more imperative than ever that we not squander the golden opportunity to slay the Obama dragon by nominating a white knight who may look great on the horse but who is missing any armor over her vital organs.

Of course I am very cynical about any “conservative” media member giving an opinion on Palin’s electability because of the inherent conflict of commercial interest in not wanting to offend Palin’s passionate supporters. Interestingly, Nolte’s boss Breitbart and his buddy Ann Coulter have come up with a brilliant (gutless? insincere?) way of navigating this minefield by ridiculously claiming that Palin is too good for the office of the presidency.

But regardless, to Nolte and all other commentators who claim I am wrong about Palin’s chances in 2012, I simply ask you to put your money where your mouth is. I am officially offering a $1,000 bet, at incredible 100-1 odds, that Palin will not be inaugurated president of the United States in January of 2013. This unbelievable $100,000 offer (along with details as to how I would pay in full with the money I had reserved for the charity offer that Keith Olbermann dodged) is available to the first prominent conservative who takes me up on it.

If I am so wrong, this is the deal of a lifetime, right? A no-brainer even. So why am I so convinced that no one will even take me up on it or that hardly any of my critics will see the obvious significance when they don’t
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