Bill Clinton: Obama Will Win Despite 9% Jobless Rate

That's quite amazing coming from a man who won the presidency by attacking George H.W. Bush for "the worst economy in the last 50 years" when the unemployment rate was 7.3% in October 1992. But today, a 9.1% unemployment rate? That's nothing President Obama can't overcome...


Former president Bill Clinton says he would be "surprised" if President Obama doesn't win re-election next year, even given today's 9% unemployment rate.

In an upbeat assessment of Obama's political future and the U.S. jobs picture, Clinton told reporters Tuesday afternoon that several years worth of economic stimulus, bank and auto bailouts, and business incentives are paying off

The ex-president is trying to do his part. His Clinton Global Initiative will hold two days of meetings in Chicago Wednesday and Thursday in an effort to get hundreds of new commitments from the public and private sectors for job-creating endeavors.

"There is enough money in the banks and the corporate treasuries to get not just the United States but the entire world out of the economic doldrums that we're in," Clinton said during a conference call. "There's more than enough there to stimulate not only an American recovery but a global recovery."
On the 2009 Economic Stimulus:

Clinton said the law signed by Obama prevented the jobless rate from being 1.5% to 2% higher. "I think the stimulus did as well as it could have done .There just wasn't enough of it" Clinton said