Rubio to Gregory: "The Only People Who Voted To Cut Medicare Spending in This Town Are The People Who Voted For Obamacare, That's a Fact"

Rubio points out "The Ryan plan doesn't cut Medicare, it increases funding for it."

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GREGORY: Look at some of the reaction in terms of how people feel about cutting spending for medicare. we'll put it on the screen. cutting medicare spending -- 78% oppose. medicare spending -- 69% oppose. you're not operating in a political vacuum here. you well know that. you are a senator from florida with a lot of older voters. are you prepared to stand up to them and say, sorry, folks, we've got to do this? because a lot of republicans think this is handing something to the democrats that will be potent against republicans.

RUBIO: The Ryan plan increases funding to it and the only people that are voting to cut Medicare supported Obamacare, which cut trillions out of medicare and is using it to fund a science experiment somewhere outside of Medicare. The only people who voted to cut Medicare spending are the people who voted in favor of obama care. that's a fact"
Good solid answers from Marco Rubio today on MTP.