Trump Interview With The AP: Obama Wasn't Qualified For the Ivy League, "I Heard He Was A Terrible Student" (Video)

Trump hits Obama on another front: How did he get into Ivy League schools? "How does a bad student go to Columbia and then go to Harvard? How does this happen?...Let him show his record! We don't know anything about this guy" says Trump in this interview

"The last guy he wants to run against is Donald Trump"

Well, whatever you think of Trump (and I'm on here all day, there are Republicans and Conservatives that love him and there are some that despise him) he is showing Republicans how to take it directly to Obama. A very different approach from 4 years ago when John McCain was talking about running a 'respectful campaign' and calling Obama a 'fine fellow' and even taking the microphone out of one woman's hand at a rally and telling the crowd 'you don't have to be scared of Obama being the president of the United States.' That drove me crazy back in 2008. I kinda like hearing Trump taking it directly to Obama