Schumer: "I Think We Can Have an Agreement" If Boehner Would Resist The Tea Party

Charles 'use the word extreme' Schumer on GMA with Stephy this morning blames the tea party if an agreement is not reached. George says to Schumer in this exchange, "$7 billion is a relatively small price to pay to avoid a government shutdown isn't it?"
That's what he told me this morning on "GMA," after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker John Boehner completed their latest round of budget talks last night. But Schumer kept up the pressure on Boehner, trying to drive a wedge between the Speaker and his rank and file.

“The Tea Party just continues to pull Speaker Boehner further back and back and back. They are the people who say they don’t want compromise. They are the people who say they relish a shutdown. And the bottom line is if he can resist them, not give them their way on everything I think we can have an agreement and that is why there is a glimmer of hope," he said.

Following a meeting with Boehner, Reid sounded more optimistic when he took to the Senate floor last night and said “there’s still air in the tire” and “the government is not going to be shutdown – yet.”

And Schumer did seem to suggest that Speaker Boehner’s new demand for $40 billion in cuts might fly if Democrats could determine where the savings come from, and Republicans give up most of the policy “riders” (like defunding Planned Parenthood and Obama’s health care plan) that they’ve been demanding