William Daley on Meet The Press: Administration Considering Tapping Oil Reserves

Why not tap the oil reserves in the Gulf? In ANWR? How about the outer continental shelf? Here David Gregory asks Daley about the higher prices at the pump and the man has no answers. But I'm not surprised, this is the same bunch banning drilling in the Gulf and issuing drilling moratoriums. IMO, the only thing that can maybe fix this problem is the election in 2012

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White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley said on Sunday the Obama administration is considering tapping into the U.S. strategic oil reserve as one way to help ease soaring oil prices.

Speaking on NBC television's "Meet the Press," Daley said: "We are looking at the options. The issue of the reserves is one we are considering. ... All matters have to be on the table."

There has been support among Senate Democrats for tapping the reserves. Senator Jay Rockefeller on Thursday became the third Democrat to ask President Barack Obama to tap America's emergency oil supply to cool prices that have risen past $100 a barrel on the strife in Libya.

On Wednesday, U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu ruled out releasing oil from the reserve, saying ramped up oil production in Saudi Arabia should lower the crude price.

"That's going to mitigate the price increase," he told reporters on Wednesday. "We're hoping market forces will take care of this."
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