V.P. Joe Biden Vacations in Aspen Amid Libya Questions and Florida Reporter's Detainment

Where is Obama's brilliant strategist on foreign affairs? He's vacationed in Colorado over the weekend

Since last week, Joe Biden went to Yankee's spring training, 2 fundraisers in Florida for Senator Bill Nelson and then off to Colorado. We haven't heard a peep out of Biden on the situation in Libya, I'm guessing he probably thinks we should partition Libya into 3 regions

On the eve of President Barack Obama's address to the nation on U.S. military action in Libya and a recent story about a local Florida reporter who was locked in a storage closet during a fundraiser he attended for Florida Democratic Senator Bill Nelson, Vice President Joe Biden can only be found vacationing in the ritzy resort city of Aspen, Colorado, reports the Aspen Times.

According to the Aspen Times' article published on Friday, Mr Biden was described as "vacationing" in Aspen by a local sheriff after the Vice President flew in from headlining two fundraisers for Sen.Nelson in Florida

Biden's motorcade left the Eagle County airport headed west and picked up Interstate 70 in Gypsum, traveling through Glenwood Canyon and eventually to Snowmass.

“It's a pretty low-key visit, definitely a vacation,” according to Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo.

His office and the Snowmass Village Police Department will handle Biden's local security. They'll also get lots of Secret Service protection, DiSalvo said.

Biden flew to Eagle County from Florida, where he was the headliner in two fundraising events for Sen. Bill Nelson.