'Pass the Damn Thing!': Boehner Unloads on Senate Democrats Over Looming Government Shutdown

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BOEHNER: "The Senate says, 'we have a plan.' Well, great! Pass the damn thing, all right?

House Speaker John Boehner blew up at Senate Democrats this morning, calling on them to pass their own version of government funding bill so that negotiations on a different compromise bill could continue.

“The House has passed our bill and it’s been nearly 40 days and yet we’ve seen nothing pass the United States Senate,” Boehner, R-Ohio, said. “It’s time for Senate Democrats to act on a bill. We know that reducing spending will lead to a better environment for job creators to create jobs in America. We’ve done our job.”

“Now the Senate says, ‘we have a plan.’ Well, great! Pass the damn thing, all right?!” Boehner blasted. “And send it over here and let’s have real negotiations instead of sitting over there rooting for a government shutdown

Boehner told reporters that the Senate should pass its own bill to establish the level of cuts the Senate could muster and bring back to the bicameral negotiations.
Video: "Pass the damn thing!...Instead of rooting for a government shutdown"