Obama Leads All Republicans in Florida 2012

This just boggles the mind. This is a must win for Republicans in 2012. You really have to wonder sometimes what people are thinking. Are they watching the same news we are? Almost everything the man has touched has been a failure. You have to conclude that there's a big portion of the voters that have no problem with being lied to

It doesn't look like Florida will be losing its status as one of the most competitive states in the country at the Presidential level next year- voters in the state are almost evenly divided on Barack Obama's job performance and although he leads all six of the Republicans we tested him against, some of the margins are quite close.

48% of Florida voters approve of the job Obama's doing to 47% who disapprove. His numbers break down predictably- 81% of Democrats like him, Republicans dislike him at an even higher rate of 85%, and allowing him to have slightly positive overall numbers is that he's on positive ground with independents at 49/44.

Two potential Republican opponents- one quite plausible and the other a long shot- would start out virtually tied with the President. Mitt Romney does the best, trailing Obama 46-44.

Given that there are two undecided Republicans for every Democrat in that match up you're basically looking at an even match. It's a sign of Romney's appeal in the Sunshine State that he actually does a hair better than former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who trails Obama 48-45 in the state

Obama 46 Romney 44
Obama 48 Jeb Bush 45
Obama 48 Giuliani 42
Obama 50 Huckabee 43
Obama 50 Gingrich 42
Obama 52 Palin 39