Surveillance Video Captures Escalator Malfunction at D.C. Metro Station

An escalator goes into high speed and starts tossing people to the ground, the cause was a failure of the braking system..The surveillance video was released today. Here's the video, watch the panic...

WASHINGTON - Surveillance video has been released by Metro of an escalator malfunction at the L'Enfant Plaza Metro Station. This incident occurred during the "Rally To Restore Sanity" event on the National Mall in October. Several escalator riders were injured during the incident.

Metro released the following statement regarding the video:

Staff reported to the Board in November that the cause of this incident was a failure of the braking system to stop when the over-speed safety switch activated. On November 4, Metro began a program with our escalators that included:∙ Inspection of the braking systems of the 588 escalators in service (which was completed);∙ Modification of our procedures to increase the frequency of our brake tests to monthly from quarterly;∙ Implemented additional steps to improve quality control and compliance with escalator maintenance standards.