Rob Portman: " The President's Budget Goes Nowhere Near Where They’ll Have To Go To Address Our Fiscal Problems"

"What we have done is kicked the can down the road and we are now at the end of the road and are not in a position to kick it any further"

PORTMAN: "This historic failure to control spending directly affects our economy and the ability to create jobs. It pushes up interest rates, crowds out private investment, and leaves us with three bad choices, either far higher taxes, even more borrowing or both. Left unchecked these mounting debts could lead to the kind of financial crises we’ve seen in Greece and other countries. At the same time, job creators tell us Washington has added to the uncertainty by pursuing other policies that stifle job growth, including onerous new federal regulations, a tax code that expires, making it a political football unpredictable rising health care costs, and an increasing reliance on the Mideast and other volatile parts of the world for our energy It’s time to change course"
Obama Weekly Address
Unbelievable...Obama: "We have to get our fiscal house in order, just like any family we have to live within our means"....Good one Barry, this is like listening to Charlie Sheen say we need to stop the partying