Protesters Still Inside The Capitol in Wisconsin **Update**

4:00p.m. was the deadline for the protesters to leave according to police.

4:25 (Wisconsin time) Protesters still inside the capitol in Wisconsin

4:40 Protesters chanting "the whole world is watching"...Followed by singing the 'Star Spangled Banner'

Right after the above screen shot, the live feed was cut.

Lib site Mother Jones is there:

New live feed: Protesters at 5:00 (6:00 eastern)

On the floor: Dancing, banging on drums (6:00 eastern)


***Fox news*** Mike Tobin at 7:00p.m. reports that there are 2 dozen protesters refusing to leave the capitol. During the live report from the capitol (on Fox News at 7:00p.m.) Mike Toobin interrupted his live report to say "the guy behind me is making threats, he says he's gonna break my neck"