President Obama Says Gadhafi Must Leave 'Now'

I'm pretty sure this would've been considered 'meddling' in June 2009

Associated Press
WASHINGTON – Ratcheting up the pressure, President Barack Obama on Saturday said Moammar Gadhafi has "lost the legitimacy to rule" Libya and said the embattled leader needs to do the right thing by "leaving now." It was the first time Obama has called for Gadhafi's ouster.

His comments came during a private telephone call with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the latest in a series of discussions he's been having with world leaders about the unrest in Libya.

The White House summarized the conversation in a statement afterward.

Obama's call for Gadhafi to step down came a day after the administration froze all Libyan assets in the U.S. belonging to Gadhafi, his government and four of his children, and closed the U.S. embassy in Libya
thehill reports
Obama's concern that Gadhafi might "use mass violence against his own people" to keep control of power is a possible reference to concerns that Libya remains in control of some weapons of mass destruction that it would turn against its own people.

"They discussed appropriate and effective ways for the international community to respond," the White House readout said. "The president welcomed ongoing efforts by our allies and partners, including at the United Nations and by the European Union, to develop and implement strong measures."