Mark Levin on Obamacare: If They Continue To Impement This, I Want to Encourage The Litigants to Go Back to This Judge With a Draft For Contempt Order

"The Obama Administration cannot defy a Federal judge's ruling"

LEVIN: "It does not matter that 2 other Federal judges ruled that Obamacare is constitutional. A Federal judge has issued a sweeping ruling that the individual mandate destroys the complicated nature of this statute. So he ruled the entire statue unconstitutional . That's the ruling the Obama Administration must confront, that's the ruling it must deal with. It has one alternative and one alternative only, to appeal it. It cannot defy a federal judge's ruling and once again I want to encourage the litigants in this case, if they continue to implement this, that they go right back in front of this judge with a draft for a contempt order"
And look at this via the csmonitor: "White House vows to implement health care reform, despite judge’s ruling"