Krauthammer Slams Obama For His Silence on Libya: "He Has Said Nothing" (Video)

'Why can't the President find a voice?' Krauthammer says the Egypt demonstrations were 'Boy Scout' compared to what's going on in Libya

From Fox News Special Report
KRAUTHAMMER: "This is a president who went around the world in the first year in office saying how he would-he was raising the moral standard of the United States in the world after the travesties as he saw it or the Bush Administration.

Here he is, he has said nothing on what's happening in Libya which is a case of brutality and mere genocide to use the word of one of Qaddafi's own diplomats. The shooting of demonstrators from helicopter gunships, the strafing of demonstrators from bombers, astonishing, it doesn't happen to anyone else

Here was a president, our president who went out there on television again and again on Egypt which in comparison on what's happening in Libya was Boy Scout treatment of those demonstrations...

Why can't the president find a voice, for reasons of morality simply of upholding our traditions. Secondly, our of strategic interests. Here are the most anti-American regimes and he says nothing"