ABC News: White House Pushed Mubarak: 'You Must Satisfy the Demonstrators In the Street'

This kinda sounds like the Obama Administration was 'meddling' Jake Tapper reports
Sources tell ABC News that after Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak spoke last night, handing over powers to his vice president but not stepping down.

The White House and Obama administration in general conveyed to Egyptian government --at all levels – that his message was not enough for the demonstrators, whom they needed to satisfy or the crisis would continue and get worse

On Thursday White House and administration officials had been told by Mubarak advisers that he was planning to step down -- but no one was certain what he would do. Members of Mubarak's own Cabinet thought he was stepping down. But Mubarak has proven himself mercurial and quite reluctant to give up power or be seen as having been chased out of office – so the White House hedged its bets.

The White House has been surprised by his actions and there was no upside in trying to predict what a most unpredictable man would do.