Why is Chris Matthews Displaying A Target and Crosshairs on the U.S. Capitol?

This is a screen grab from the opening 2 minutes of Chris Matthews Hardball Thursday night. Next to him is a picture of the U.S. Capitol building with a bullseye target on it along with gun crosshairs

After all we've been through the past two weeks and all the nonstop criticism of Sarah Palin for using crosshairs on a political map from this very person and his colleagues at MSNBC, Matthews tosses this out there. And what does 'Fire on the Right' mean? What message does this send to someone who is flipping through the channels? Did we not hear day and night that this symbolism is unacceptable? CNN is apologizing for using the word crosshairs and Matthews is displaying them on the U.S. Capitol. Will he issue an apology? Will we hear from MSNBC? We will see