Video: Bank Robber Uses Woman As Human Shield, Slips and Falls on Ice and is Shot and Killed By Police

They obviously cut away before showing the robber getting shot but this is video of a man leaving a bank in the D.C. area, he decides to take a woman hostage. While walking with her, his foot slips on some ice, the woman makes an escape but then the police open fire killing the man

TAKOMA PARK, Md. - Authorities say a suspect was shot, and a police officer was grazed by a bullet after a woman was taken hostage during a bank robbery in Takoma Park.

A Maryland police official says the suspect had something that looked like a bomb taped to him during the incident Friday morning. It ended up being plastic foam. Police say the suspect was holding a gun to the hostage's head.

Montgomery County fire department Assistant Chief Scott Graham said four people were injured. He says a second civilian was also injured, possibly with a puncture wound to the shoulder.