Tonight, Obama Heads Out To a Going Away Party For David Axelrod

It's not like there anything important going on in the world. If someone calls the WH, I guess they'll just have to take a message...

Subject: Pool report #3

Motorcade is rolling at 8:27 p.m. en route to Linda Douglass' house (spokeswoman for the White House during the campaign and a health care spokeswoman during the beginning of the administration). Former ABC reporter who now works at...National Journal! She heads the communications team there.

POTUS is here for David Axelrod's going away party. FLOTUS did not attend.

Quiet ride -- a few young guys who looked to be in their 20s waved hello as we rode up 22nd St. But someone did try to drive through the motorcade. Obviously that didn't happen.

We arrived at 8:37.

Rebecca Kaplan
National Journal