Poll: 72% want Rahm Emanuel to Stay on the Ballot, 52% Want Him To Be Mayor

Poll from the Chicago Retail Merchants Assoc.

Chicago - A new poll shows that Chicago voters overwhelmingly want Rahm Emanuel to stay on the ballot, and 52 percent want him to be mayor.

The poll was taken on Monday, Jan. 24, the same day that an appellate court said Emanuel's name could not legally appear on the ballot. Emanuel's lawyers have appealed that decision to the Illinois Supreme Court, and on Tuesday, the justices said they would take the case.

The poll, conducted by "We Ask America" on behalf of the Chicago Retail Merchants Association, found that about 72 percent of likely Chicago voters want Emanuel to stay on the ballot. Twenty-three percent did not think he should stay on the ballot
In this poll, Emanuel widens his lead substantially over the other candidates