Huckabee Leads Presidential Field in North Carolina and West Virginia

Poll released today...


Raleigh, N.C. – While he is also typically the strongest challenger to President Obama there, Mike Huckabee continues to show strength with Republicans in rural red and swing states. He leads the presidential primary field with almost 30% support in each North Carolina and West Virginia Bucking previous polls,

Romney faces an obstacle in getting to that point, for he places fourth with only 11% in the state’s primary, behind Huckabee’s 27%, Newt Gingrich’s 18%, and Sarah Palin’s 16%, and ahead of Tim Pawlenty’s 7%, Ron Paul’s 6%, Mitch Daniels’ 3%, and John Thune’s 1%, with 10% unsure or going elsewhere.

The trend of Romney placing well with moderates (at 19% behind Huckabee’s 21%) continues, but he drops all the way to 9% with conservatives, who make up three-quarters of the electorate. That puts him in a distant fourth behind Huckabee’s 29%,

PPP Poll North Carolina: Huckabee 27% Gingrich 18%

West Virginia: Huckabee 28% Palin 23%

The West Virginia poll surprises me a bit. If you remember in the West Virgina 2008 Republican primary (Super Tuesday), McCain and Huckabee cut a backroom deal. Romney led on the first round of voting, then on the second round, McCain tossed all his delegates over to Huckabee handing him a win (defeating Romney) and giving him all of West Virginia's 18 delegates. Both Huckabee and McCain denied any involvement in a backroom deal even though McCain ended up with just 12 votes out of around 1,100. I guess the voters in West Virginia forgot all about that story...