Harry Reid on Obama's Call To Ban Earmarks: It's About Power, "The President Wants More Power And I Don't Want To Give Him Any" (Video)

Reid says to CBS News: Obama may be able to succeed in the short term, "but earmarks will come back"

Harry Reid said in an interview with CBS News Wednesday that President Obama is seeking "to get more power" with his State of the Union call for a ban on earmarks.

"Any president would love to be able to get more power, and that is what this is all about," he said. "It's usurping the power from the legislative branch of the government and giving it to the executive branch. I don't accept that."

Added Reid: "I have a constitutional obligation to do congressionally-directed spending. The president wants more power and I don't want to give him any. He may be able to succeed in the short term, but earmarks will come back."