GOP Weekly Address With Doctor John Barrasso: "Our Job Won't Be Done Until We Repeal and Replace This Bad Law" (Video)

"Now it's the Senate's turn"

Sen. John Barrasso, a doctor from Wyoming, discusses the Republican promise to repeal and replace President Obama's misguided, unpopular health care law.
BARRASSO: "As a doctor, I have taken care of families for over a quarter of a century. I know that this law is bad for patients, it's bad for providers, the nurses and the doctors who care for those patients and it's bad for taxpayers.... Your health care decisions should be decided in your doctor's office, not a Washington office. Nothing should come between you and your doctor.... Republicans will fight to repeal this job-destroying law and replace it with patient centered reforms."

He points out, "Earlier this week, the newly elected House of Representatives immediately kept its promise to you, the American people. It did so by voting to repeal the President's health care spending law."

"Now it's the Senate's turn, The President's party has wasted millions of your taxpayer dollars trying to persuade you to support this law. Well, in spite of the mailings and the misleading television ads, they have failed. A recent poll showed that a majority of Americans still want this law repealed"